Mandie. 21. Native. NC. Cinnamon. Daisy.
INFJ. I like my horses and my life.
Aspiring professional farrier.

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hey everyone, if you’re reading this, try and remember the last time you ate something!
if it was a long time ago, if you feel hungry, or if you’ve missed any meals today, pls try and get something yummy to eat!
nutrition is really important to keep you safe + well!! i love you!

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Debra Garside Photography
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Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como.
Photo by Friedhelm Thomas, 1985.
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Manarola, Italy
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Spanish Steps - Rome - Italy (von PhillipC)
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Hearst Pool [Photographer: Cocoabiscuit]
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literally me.

I hate how most females don’t know jack shit about their menstrual cycles just oh my period comes once a month. Like none of my friends know about ovulating and how that starts the journey and gears in motion which brings your period. Just ughhhhh